About Us

About Company

"PRATAP TRADELINK" is a private limited company registered with govt. of India. Ministry of corporate affair under the pursuant to sub-section (2) of section (70) the companies act, 2013 and rule (8) of the companies (Incorporation) rues, 2014, The CIN of the company is U52100UP2015PTC071614.

"PRATAP TRADELINK" Pvt. Ltd. Is the brainchild of two young entrepreneur professionals who are inspired by the thought to create a platform for every Indian to launch their business and gain the status of self-employed? The philanthropists' duo has a mission to contribute to the society In general and to the dreamers in particular. While the two have vast experience of direct sales and has blessing of tens of thousands of comrades.

"PRATAP TRADELINK" Pvt. Ltd. Has a series of multiple products ranging from health care to personal care, the products are of daily use and are fast moving consumer products. Company has a mission to provide self-employment opportunities to at least one million people in next five years. We want all our associates to learn good human values, be sensitive to others and help to weave an ethical and beautiful social fabric for us leading a good quality life is complementary to earning respectable livelihood.

"PRATAP TRADELINK" Pvt. Ltd. has high quality, value for money products. The over use of chemicals in our daily life is making our bodies un-healthy and mind stressful. There is greater need to go to Mother Nature to seek remedies of all our health problems. The regular use of herbals and bio- magnetic antirational products keep us healthy. "PRATAP TRADELINK" Pvt. Ltd. products have been developed and purchase by a core team of professionals. "PRATAP TRADELINK" Pvt. Ltd. Provides an immense opportunity of everyone to earn respectable livelihood while using the products and also promoting the same to other. We invite you to join us in this dual mission of attaining self-employment and creating a wonderful society. WE WISH YOU A VERY HAPPY HEALTHY WEALTHY LIFE.

Our Mission

Our mission is to produce creative professional in the field of referral and repurchase marketing ."PRATAP TRADELINK" Pvt. Ltd. Has a motto of "NEW EARA OF GROWTH" in our life and helping people around the world to help themselves.


"PRATAP TRADELINK" Pvt. Ltd. Team have had vast earlier experience in referral and repurchase marketing service industries business.